Improving care coordination through seamless interoperability across the entire healthcare community.

PrimeEXCHANGE™ extends the value of your Greenway® information solutions by simply and cost-effectively enabling the secure, seamless flow of pertinent data to information systems used by hospitals, other providers, laboratories, payers and others across the community of health.

Information and data exchange — interoperability of health IT systems — is critical to the delivery of quality patient care services and effectiveness of healthcare organizations. All stakeholders stand to realize significant benefits when health information is appropriately shared among all authorized participants in the healthcare delivery chain.



No expensive point-to-point interfaces

As Greenway’s cloud-based interoperability solution, PrimeEXCHANGE helps ensure integration between all transactions through a single platform that can be easily and securely maintained for you by Greenway. Our customers leverage the hub-and-spoke elegance and efficiencies of PrimeEXCHANGE and the connectivity we’ve already built so they don’t have to pay for building, updating and maintaining expensive point-to-point interfaces.

Based on .NET for security and speed

PrimeEXCHANGE is developed on the Microsoft .NET platform and leverages industry-leading Microsoft technologies, allowing for a single location to manage all system monitoring and support. This advanced strategy makes our response to potential conflicts proactive. In fact, we can often find resolutions to external system issues before your practice is affected.

Facilitates standards and transactions support

Greenway leverages its intimate understanding of industry standards, formats and electronic interchange transaction in developing our own interoperability requirements. PrimeEXCHANGE is uniquely suited to support industry interoperability standards and formats such as Extensible Markup Language (XML), Health Level 7 (HL7) and Continuity of Care Document (CCD) as well as various vendor-specific formats. Integrated transactions currently include patient demographics, patient insurance, charges, lab results, microbiology reports and transcriptions and radiology reports. As the industry continues to develop, Greenway adds transactions for PrimeEXCHANGE with every release.

Supports HHS ‘Interconnect Clinicians’ goal

PrimeEXCHANGE supports the national health IT objectives of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Framework for Strategic Action: The Decade of Health Information Technology by meeting the “Interconnect Clinicians” goals:

  • Foster regional collaborations
  • Develop a national health information network
  • Coordinate federal health information systems