Medical Manager

Reduce compliance risks and prepare for sweeping new regulatory requirements.

Years ago, your practice made a sound investment in Medical Manager software. Today, we’re proud to continue building upon that legacy with the latest robust Medical Manager release, version 12.

ICD-10: Are you ready?

Don’t let ICD-10 slow you down. Greenway’s Medical Manager v12 is ICD-10–ready and includes tools to help you minimize revenue loss, denials and days in accounts receivable.

Medical Manager v12 empowers your practice to begin thinking, acting, coding and billing in ICD-10 as early as you’d like — select your own transition date or let the software automatically switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes on the mandatory date — currently anticipated as Oct. 1, 2015. Multiple layers of automation and validation ensure a smooth transition. And if select payers aren’t ready, the system will continue to bill them in ICD-9 until they catch up.

Cut costs and reduce data-security risks

Save thousands of dollars and reduce your data-security risks with Medical Manager Hosting Services. Keep the Medical Manager solution you know and love, without the costs, risks and burdens of your on-premise system.

How your practice benefits:

  • Reduces IT-related costs
  • Provides peace of mind your data is safe
  • Helps your office staff work more efficiently with a faster system

System highlights:

  • 5010 and full support of ICD-10 readiness
  • Supports remote server access through Medical Manager Hosting Services
  • Available for Windows, SCO UNIX and LINUX