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Maximize your organization’s efficiency so you can keep your focus on providing exceptional patient care. Greenway’s fully integrated health IT solutions help providers improve care coordination, quality and satisfaction while optimizing cost-efficiency and effectiveness. Download our brochures to learn more.

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Our flagship solution — a fully integrated, single-database electronic health record, practice management and interoperable solution.

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Advanced care coordination and business analytics to improve delivery of quality, cost-effective care within your practice and across the entire healthcare community.
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Combines digital imagery and data capture for integration into PrimeSUITE patient charts.
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Provides secure anytime, anywhere access to the information providers need most.
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Integrated secure patient portal and patient engagement solution.
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Revenue cycle management services to streamline the claims and billing process to navigate the financial requirements of today and the future.
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Breakthrough solution enabling enables clinical research that leads to improved population health.
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Transforms dictation into a set of new tools, improving accuracy and saving time as you easily add patient information to the electronic health record at the point of care, or from wherever care decisions are being made.
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Navigating Meaningful Use & Accountable Care

Greenway stays in front of industry trends to help you stay on top of your operations.
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