PrimeSUITE for Women’s Health (OB/GYN)

Greenway has unique content that is designed and developed specifically for our OB/GYN EMR (electronic medical record) users. With a solid group of obstetrics and gynecology customers using PrimeSUITE to document at the point of care, Greenway’s OB/GYN EMR practice management software solution offers nearly 400 OB/GYN-based templates.

The content development process for this specialty began with initial product design and involved 13 board-certified OB/GYN specialists and PrimeSUITE customers at five different sites. Our customer input was in addition to input from Greenway’s on-staff physicians, nurses and members of the Clinical Content Team. In 2001, Greenway’s initial ObGyn templates and related content were used in point-of-care, clinical documentation. This information was revised and further developed, then extensively beta-tested by PrimeSUITE physicians over a three-year period.

Greenway’s knowledgebase and content-specific information will help your practice management with:

  • Clinical Content — OB/GYN content includes templates for the documentation of everything from annual exams to labor and delivery, including:
    • Gynecological and obstetrical documentation.
    • Pre- and post-op templates along with related procedures.
    • Infertility and IVF-related templates.
    • Documentation scenarios for typical medical problems likely to be encountered during OB/GYN visits.
  • Delivery Information Dialog — A Delivery Information Dialog, including an expected delivery date calculator, allows easy tracking of expected and actual delivery information.
  • Prenatal Flowchart — The Prenatal Flowchart aids in charting and displaying values for fetal heart rate, weight gain, blood pressure, glucose and more throughout each pregnancy.
  • Facesheet — Genetic screening and reproductive history can be included on the customizable Facesheet for a quick overview of all OB/GYN-related data, as well as vitals, allergies and histories.