PrimeSUITE for Orthopedics

Greenway delivers content, workflow templates and capabilities designed specifically for the Orthopedic specialty. With a number of such practices using our fully integrated electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution, Greenway’s PrimeSUITE includes a growing library of more than 225 pre- and post-operative templates that leverage best practices to support effective, efficient orthopedic care.

Content for PrimeSUITE® has been developed by board-certified orthopedic physicians in conjunction with our customers and our own staff physicians, nurses and other members of our Clinical Content team.

As industry best practices continue to emerge, our team of experts revises and expands our orthopedic-specific content and workflows, honed and proven in live settings at multiple, independent practices — from small offices to some of the largest practices and clinics in the nation.

  • Clinical content supports and streamlines documentation for a wide range of orthopedic clinical encounters…from general to pediatric orthopedics, spine surgery, occupational therapy and physical therapy. More than 70 additional templates are also provided for hand surgery.
  • Embedded speech understanding — The practice of orthopedics is extremely fast-paced, and requires a comprehensive and granular level of detail. In addition to our clinical templates, PrimeSUITE offers the speech-understanding capabilities of PrimeSPEECH™. This integrated solution replaces rudimentary and costly dictation services with more than mere voice recognition. Medical dictation is transformed into discrete patient data, reviewed and approved by the physician in real time and entered into the appropriate locations of the patient’s PrimeSUITE EHR.
  • Orders tracking enables surgical coordinators to easily manage getting authorizations for procedures and scheduling surgeries within the context of the patient’s centralized EHR.
  • Referral management is effectively supported by the communications included in the orthopedics template library. PrimeSUITE can generate these communications electronically on the practice’s customized letterhead, ready to be faxed, printed or emailed — again saving valuable time and money.
  • Device integration effectively integrates the patient’s diagnostic imaging results, supporting not only the patient encounter but the entire practice’s workflow.
  • Workflow management capabilities enable orthopedists to manage office workflow more efficiently. PrimeSUITE enables staff to easily send tasks or make requests of other physicians or practice associates, improving the detail follow-up that can often get lost in the paper world.