PrimeSUITE for
Allergy & Immunology

Greenway has unique content that is designed and developed specifically for our Allergy and Immunology users. With a solid group of Allergy and Immunology customers using PrimeSUITE to document at the point of care, Greenway’s EHR solution offers nearly 250 Allergy and Immunology-based templates.

Below are the benefits as it relates to the allergy and immunology specialty:

  • Allergy and imunology workflow-specific approach — PrimeSUITE utilizes allergy- and immunology-specific templates to enhance your workflow.
  • Orders tracking — Orders management functionality in PrimeSUITE allows clear, consistent follow-up on orders and results. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the allergy and immunology workflow.
  • Referral letters — PrimeSUITE allows you to generate many types of letters including food allergy letters, letters for allergy supplies, referral letters, thank you referral letters and many more.