EHR for Primary Care & Family Practice

Greenway offers unique content and templates for Family Practice Management and Primary Care specialties. More than 550 customizable templates are currently available for Family Practice and Primary Care customers using PrimeSUITE to document at the point of care.

Content for this specialty was developed by board-certified Family Practice and Primary Care specialists, PrimeSUITE customers at three different sites, and Greenway’s on-staff physicians, nurses and members of our Clinical Content team. Greenway first offered dedicated content, including templates, for the Family Practice specialty in 2002. Since then, Greenway’s initial Family Practice EMR templates and related content have been revised, expanded and extensively beta-tested by PrimeSUITE physicians at multiple independent practices.

Greenway’s knowledge base and content-specific information will help your practice management with:

  • Clinical content — Documentation of clinical encounters for everything from abdominal pain to zoster, as well as templates designed specifically for Family Practice, such as lifestyle management, sports physicals and well-child visits.
  • Immunizations list — The Immunizations List is displayed and accessed on the Facesheet with several different view options. Vaccine types are defined by the practice and include series details that build the schedules for each patient.
  • Referral letters — The Family Practice Management Template Library includes various referral letters. PrimeSUITE generates these documents electronically on your customized letterhead, ready to be emailed or printed.
  • Device integration — Results from various clinical devices integrate seamlessly with PrimeSUITE. For example, vitals taken with different devices can be ported directly into the Vitals section of a patient’s chart.
  • Task management — PrimeSUITE enables you to send tasks or make requests of other physicians or practice associates for signoffs, thus improving your ability to follow up on the details that can get lost in the paper world.