PrimeSUITE for Cardiology

Greenway has unique content that is designed and developed specifically for our cardiology users. With a solid group of customers using our cardiology EHR/EMR solution to document at the point of care, Greenway’s PrimeSUITE offers more than 100 cardiology-based templates.

Greenway’s knowledgebase and cardiology content-specific information will help your practice management with:

  • Cardiology workflow-specific approach — PrimeSUITE utilizes cardiology-specific templates to enhance your practice’s workflow and become more accurate in your E&M coding and documentation.
  • Active Device Controls — PrimeSUITE allows seamless import of information from ambulatory testing devices including lab equipment and imaging equipment. The detailed information and images from these devices are imported into PrimeSUITE.
  • Procedure templates — PrimeSUITE includes several cardiology procedure specific templates. Among these templates are stress test, echocardiogram report, holter monitor report and many more. These templates automatically populate the patient information eliminating duplicate data entry and allowing the physicians to be more efficient in their documentation.
  • Referral letters — PrimeSUITE allows you to automatically generate many types of letters including referral letters, thank you referral letters and many more.