Patient-Centered Medical Home

Improving primary care and forming the foundation for value-based medicine, accountable care and quality measure alignment.

Innovations to improve outcomes

The Patient-Centered Medical Home program is outlined by a set of clear standards, empowering practices with the information they need to personalize patients’ care and work as teams to better coordinate care, decrease costs and improve outcomes.

Benefits of the PCMH model

A comparison of seven large, mature PCMH programs across the U.S. found annual savings between $71 and $503 per patient.

Extrapolated to all the states’ coverage groups, potential savings could reach $300 million or more per year. The study also found that Emergency Department visits were reduced by as much as 20 percent and hospitalizations by 5 to 40 percent due to a focus on prevention, and care delivered in more-convenient and less-acute settings whenever appropriate.

Greenway and PCMH

PCMH Prevalidation NCQAThrough the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), in early 2013 Greenway® PrimeSUITE® and its integrated data exchange engine and patient portal received approval as an NCQA PCMH Prevalidated ambulatory EHR solution. PrimeSUITE has one of the highest numbers of auto credit points (20.5), which can be transferred to our customers on the road to attaining PCMH recognition.

In addition to the PrimeSUITE prevalidation credits, Greenway’s PCMH solution helps organizations achieve NCQA recognition through a package of reporting tools that simplify an otherwise time- consuming manual process. When Greenway customers use our solutions to their fullest, they can receive up to 57.25 points, only 27.75 points from Level III recognition.

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