Accountable Care Solutions

Greenway’s existing partnerships with thousands of providers in group practice settings of all sizes, regional hospitals and health systems nationwide position Greenway as a capable partner in the ACO-mandated use of EHRs to coordinate care and improve outcomes.

With the Congressional Budget Office estimating healthcare savings of up to $5 billion in less than 10 years of ACO operation, Greenway Health believes accountable care is a credible pursuit toward a sustainable healthcare system.

Through Greenway’s integrated EHR, practice management and interoperability solution PrimeSUITE®, ACOs can experience the robust integration, usability and point-of-care workflows necessary to deliver evidence-based, long-term, coordinated care. Related Greenway solutions provide additional value to PrimeSUITE users in the ACO setting, including our integrated data exchange engine, PrimeEXCHANGE™; the connectivity platform PrimeDATACLOUD™; the PrimePATIENT® online portal; and our remote clinic solution, PrimeMOBILE™.

PrimeSUITE® provides the certified, standards-based quality reporting functions required for private and public payer programs such as the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and meaningful use programs, and the incentive reporting criteria of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial ACOs overlap with several of these measures.

PrimeDATACLOUD™ provides mission-critical insight and supports various reporting needs for an ACO. It delivers on-demand services through a range of optional and secure access routes toward improving care coordination by providing clinical decision support (CDS), messaging services and access to Longitudinal Continuity of Care Documents (LCCD). PrimeDATACLOUD helps providers effectively manage daily operations by providing an advanced business intelligence (BI) solution, a complete analytic platform for clinical reporting. The solution includes shared services such as metadata and content repository, report management, security integration, interactivity and scheduling.

PrimePATIENT® is Greenway’s secure patient web portal, which enhances the patient-provider relationship through self-service clinical, administrative and financial online options in place of office visits or phone calls. This leads to improved office efficiencies, more-satisfied patients and an enhanced gateway to the use of personal health records such as Microsoft HealthVault.

With a Physician Infrastructure built for long-term success, Greenway PrimeSUITE provides the model environment for coordinated care.