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Clinic earns ‘medical home’ status

Grants Pass Oregon Daily Courier

By Linsay Cathey of the Daily Courier

Mountainview uses Greenway PrimeSUITE, an electronic health records software provided through Grants Pass-based Mid Rogue eHealth Services. Mid Rogue Independent Physician Association established Mid Rogue eHealth Services in 2007 to provide electronic health records, support and training in Southern Oregon.

“It’s almost impossible to do without an electronic medical health record,” said Dr. Lyle Jackson, medical director at Mid Rogue IPA. He added that the electronic health records are also used to track data and ensure patients are receiving preventive care such as mammograms, or eye tests for people with diabetes.

Electronic health records allow health care providers to store and retrieve large volumes of information, track lab orders and other diagnostic tests, coordinate referrals and analyze how care is being delivered.

“Better communication between multiple providers allows for more consistent care,” said Kris Keith, clinical coordinator at Mountainview. “It allows us to stay in the loop as far as what care patients are receiving elsewhere.”

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