Community Health Centers

Helping providers serve the underserved through FQHCs, RHCs and other community health centers

Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), rural health clinics (RHCs) and other community health centers (CHCs) are commissioned to act as a “safety net,” providing much-needed primary and preventive care services to the underserved in our communities.

Greenway’s unique solution infrastructure helps link together caregivers often hundreds of miles apart, providing them with the tools to deliver effective, coordinated care and improve overall population health, along with the necessary reporting and billing functions to meet the needs of their grant payers.

Integration = coordination = health

FQHCs were created to provide access to comprehensive medical, dental and mental health services to persons who are uninsured, under-insured and/or in medically underserved areas. Just delivering care in those situations can be challenging; providing comprehensive, coordinated care — at a sustainable cost — is harder still.

Through comprehensive solutions and services that utilize an integrated platform, Greenway helps FQHCs and other CHCs create a single patient record that follows a patient throughout the care process, regardless of where they are served.

Our intuitive, easy-to-use electronic health record (EHR), electronic dental record (EDR), practice management and interoperability solutions — combined with an expanded slate of capabilities developed specifically for CHCs — are helping these organizations achieve their mission to effectively manage patient care, while gathering valuable, discreet data for detailed, outcome-based clinical reporting and disease management that ultimately will improve the health of the entire community.

Powerful financial and reporting tools

With a primary mission to provide services to anyone regardless of their ability to pay, it’s critical that community health centers operate cost-efficiently. They also must satisfy federal and state requirements, as well as those of private and managed care payers that are increasingly requiring the submission of clinical outcome data as part of the reimbursement process. And developing accountable care programs will insist on increased data reporting, both clinical and financial.

Greenway helps automate complex CHC billing requirements by supporting standard HIPAA transaction sets and providing capabilities required for encounter billing to Medicare and Medicaid. Advanced tools enable administration of sliding fee schedules and other patient discount programs, UDS reporting, and an administrative panel to view at a glance an organization’s key operational metrics.

Additional CHC capabilities

  • Complete enterprise reporting including Uniform Data System (UDS), Title X, state compliance, Relative Value Unit (RVU), and clinical, financial and chronic disease management reporting
  • Professional, institutional and dental billing
  • Sliding fee program administration
  • Real-time eligibility
  • Claims tracking portal
  • Provider-based billing (hospital-owned clinics)
  • Integrated dental and periodontal software
  • Interoperability solutions, clinical and financial
  • Reimbursement and contract management
  • Centralized interfaces to external systems, including immunization and public health registries
  • User-defined fields
  • Tier 3 hosting services

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