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Make the Most of ENGAGE14 Using Social Media

Engage-blog-image-social-mediaEvents like ENGAGE14 offer awesome opportunities to learn more about your topics of interest and to connect with people, but you only have a few days to do so.

With such a limited amount of time, we know you want to make the most of it. Using social media is one of the best ways to maximize the ROI you receive from the conference and make sure you have a great experience at ENGAGE14!

Before ENGAGE14

Now’s a great time to follow @Greenway on Twitter! Before and during the event, we’ll send out details and updates about the Knowledge Center, conference events, and industry and product sessions.

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ENGAGE14: Visit the Knowledge Center to Gain Insight into the Future of Healthcare!

Engage-blog-knowledge-centerIf you’ve already registered for ENGAGE14, chances are you’re busy working to make the most of those valuable few days. You have so many options of breakout sessions, user groups, one-day workshops, specialty luncheons, “Ask the Expert” sessions and more. One of the best opportunities you’ll have at the conference to learn, network and benefit your organization is in the Knowledge Center, which will contain more booths and staff to help you than ever before.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about all of the opportunities available to you in the Knowledge Center including the Help Center, partner booths, the Greenway booth, and the Greenway Store.

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4 Reasons Primary Care Providers Love Their Jobs

i-love-my-jobDo what makes you happy.

That’s one of the most common pieces of advice we all hear when first selecting a career path — and primary care physicians seem to have chosen wisely. When we surveyed a group of primary care providers about their personal and professional lives, we found that 64% of doctors agreed with the statement, “I love what I do,” and 60% said they felt fulfilled.

That means despite the demands of their profession, most primary care providers find aspects of their work that make them happy to come into the office day after day. We dug into our survey results even further to find a few specific reasons why physicians love what they do.

1. Physicians improve lives

A whopping 68% of primary care physicians were inspired to become doctors for the opportunity to make a difference – and for a good reason: A primary care provider doesn’t only treat patients with existing sicknesses and diseases, but also provides preventive care to keep them from getting sick in the first place. Day by day, physicians improve population health as a whole.

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Going to ENGAGE14? Come Learn From These Speakers!

With only three weeks left until ENGAGE14, we thought we’d give you more information on the exceptional guest speakers who will join us at Greenway’s Intergy, PrimeSUITE and SuccessEHS user conference Sept. 4-7.

You’ll be hearing CEO Tee Green and others talk about how it’s a great time to be in healthcare. Yes, we know you face some challenges, but there are great opportunities to drive innovation and solve problems. This year’s speakers will show you how teamwork and partnership can help you deal with the current state of healthcare, prepare you to face the future, and how we’re all stronger together.

Rye Barcott, Author, It Happened on the Way to War


A World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Rye Barcott lives in North Carolina with his wife and daughter and works at Duke Energy. He recently published his first book, It Happened on the Way to War.

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Greenway Marketplace: August 2014 Update

Marketplace-Blog-AugustThe Marketplace team is pleased to announce that the Marketplace has received a much-needed facelift! With the new site, you’re able to rate and review current solutions on the Marketplace.

We’re also running a promotion for all Marketplace customers through the last day of ENGAGE14. Any customer who submits a review of a solution they use or have used previously will be entered into a drawing to win one of three prizes:

  • $500 Ritz-Carlton gift card
  • $250 Best Buy gift card
  • $100 Target gift card

The drawing will be held on the last day of ENGAGE14.

This month, our guest blog comes from Evan Roberts, vice president of customer solutions at Phreesia.

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3 Inspiring Facts About Primary Care Providers

fact-imageIf you could buy an extra hour in the day, how much would you be willing to pay — and what would you do with the time?

We surveyed more than 300 primary care physicians to learn about their lives both in and out of the office and better understand how they value an hour. We discovered that providers are willing to pay $110–$300 for an extra hour in the day — depending on how they get to spend the time — and other interesting facts about primary care providers’ preferences.

Fact 1: Primary care physicians would pay to spend more time at work.

According to our survey, primary care providers would pay more than $110 for an additional hour of time to see patients, and even more (around $130) for an extra hour in the office to catch up on loose ends.

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