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For Care Providers, It Pays — Literally — to be Proactive

be-proactive-signAs a care provider, you’ve probably asked patients the same set of questions time and time again: Do you exercise? How’s your diet? Any medical problems run in your family?

That’s because you want your patients to focus on preventive care — by exercising regularly, eating healthy, and coming to you for regular screenings and tests before any potential health issues become actual health issues. As a whole, physicians are focusing more on helping patients maintain good health, rather than simply waiting until treatment of bad health is necessary. That’s a proactive approach to patient health — and it’s one of the biggest movements in primary care today.

But it’s not just patients who need to learn to think proactively.

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Greenway Marketplace: November 2014 Update

Marketplace-Blog-Update-icon-novemberIn today’s world, chances are your biggest concern as a practice is improving office productivity and figuring out how to get the most bang for your buck. By adding a point-of-service solution paired with your Greenway Health EHR, you can not only speed up your check-in process but also help your practice receive the maximum amount of collections.

Our guest blog this month comes from Marketplace partner Phreesia.

Please note: Phreesia is only available for Greenway PrimeSUITE and Intergy users.

It’s never been harder to collect patient payments and maintain profitability. Consider the following:

  • 30% of patients leave their clinician’s office without making a payment
  • It takes an average of 3.3 billing statements before a patient’s outstanding balance is paid in full
  • Practices only collect $15.77 for every $100 owed once bad debt is turned over to collections
  • Patient responsibility has more than doubled in the last seven years, now accounting for 32% of practice receivables
  • Many practices are forced to write off as much as 50% of patient balances as bad debt

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Patient engagement: Connecting to patients as empowered consumers of healthcare

Patient-engagement-Connecting-to-patients-featureAs the quest continues to improve healthcare by linking large information technology systems together to help providers exchange and interpret data, many physicians are finding an urgent need to improve patient engagement and information sharing on a much smaller scale — at the patient level.

Today’s patients, armed with vast amounts of information and wielding the power of consumers, want more than a diagnosis and a treatment plan. They want to collaborate with their providers to make informed decisions about their health — and are challenging their physicians to provide them with the choices and guidance to do that.

Samuel Lederman, M.D., of Palm Beach Obstetrics & Gynecology, realized the full implications of this challenge recently as he was returning from a Greenway user conference in Dallas, Texas. At the conference, Dr. Lederman was among the more than 2,000 providers who heard Greenway CEO Tee Green talk about how patients are being asked to spend ever-increasing amounts of their own money on healthcare — and that’s changing everything.

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Greenway Marketplace: October 2014 Update

Marketplace-Blog-Update-icon-OctoberThrough the power of the internet, consumers now have the ability to research practices before making a decision about their healthcare. Often, the first place they’ll look is your website. Does yours stand out?

Your website is a gateway to customers who are interested in your services, and should answer some key questions for prospective patients: What makes your practice unique? Why should a patient choose your office over other practices in town?

A website is often the first impression patients will have of your practice. And if it’s not a positive one — because they can’t find the information they’re looking for or the website hasn’t been updated in weeks — you won’t get a second chance.

To make sure you’re making the right first impression, our webinar partner, Dr. Leonardo Website Builder, will explain the benefits having an intuitive, up-to-date website and why it’s so important for your practice.

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ICD-10 again: Five things you can do now to benefit from the delay

5-checklistIf you’re like many healthcare providers, you might be well aware of the potential disruption that ICD-10 can bring to your practice one year from today — the new deadline for the transition. It might even be old news to you. But the fact is, the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will present new and possibly unforeseen challenges … unless you use the extra time to your advantage.

With the number of diagnosis codes increasing from around 14,000 codes to approximately 68,000, simply getting paid for services provided will be a lesson in diligence. But even with the most fastidious documentation and billing practices — and an additional 12 months to prepare — experts warn providers to expect a bumpy transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

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Greenway Marketplace: September 2014 Update

Marketplace-Blog-Update-icon-SeptemberMore than 60 Greenway Marketplace partners exhibited in the Knowledge Center at ENGAGE14, giving customers the opportunity to browse and explore Marketplace solutions. ENGAGE14 also included three Marketplace-focused breakout sessions, where customers saw live product demonstrations from a number of partners.

Prior to the conference, we asked Marketplace customers to submit reviews for solutions they currently use or have used previously for a chance to win one of several prizes. Congratulations to Linda Bourguet, CJ Early and Jennifer Flowers, the winners of our Marketplace review drawing!

Unable to make it to ENGAGE14? Want to learn more about partners that exhibited? The Greenway Marketplace website has all the solutions featured at ENGAGE14 and more!

This month, our guest blog comes from Kirk Clove, the Chief Analytics Officer for Lightbeam.

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